Design News

The best posters, photos, illustrations art and designs have been carefully planned to promote and inspire someone.  When you are taking into account how you want your projects to be designed, carefully thinking must be done in order to come with a holistic approach which will show how everything will fit harmoniously.  The design does not only aid in attention attracting towards your marketing but it also enhances the message quality. The design has a great way of establishing your look, feel and brand and this is not something that you stumble on luckily, there is a lot of effort that is put in order to come up with the perfect colour, the right font size and the ideal logo.

There is a huge impact that design has on the lives of people and hence as a designer, it is up to you to come up with designs that are positive. Below are some of the top design news in the various design niches that have been attracting the attention of many.

1. A change of look for google search

For most web designers this has been the topic of discussion. Recently Google has changed its look and the new look is amazing. This new design allows the website’s branding to be at the centre and front and this great aid in helping have a better understanding from where the information is coming and the various pages that contain whatever you are searching for. The icon and name of the website appear at the result card top making it easier for page scanning and making the decision of what you want to explore next more easily.

The goal of Google search has always been to aid in easily and quickly find the information that you are searching for. Over the past few years, the format and amount of the available information on the web have drastically changed from the 3D object availability to the proliferation of videos and images and hence the necessity to change the search result page so as to help in discovering the various information types.

2. Luna textile acquired by Camira Group

Camira Group is textile manufacture and designer that is global and is located in England and they have taken over Luna textile which is based in San Francisco. This acquisition has greatly strengthened the operation of Camira Groups and its relationship of Luna textile that has very peculiar panel fabric and upholstery portfolio.  The acquisition of Luna textiles occurred at the right time and although it was an emotional decision, it was the right decision that will give Luna the opportunity to continue being an integral part of the community of design for a long period of time.

Part of the agreement of acquisition was to allow Luna textile to continue being a brand that is independent and it was allowed to sell products via the sales representatives of its network. The Camira Group believes that there exist a synergy of sustainability and values that is very strong in relation to initiatives between Luna and Camira.

3. The turning point of graphic design

In 1994, apple’s Macintosh graphic design that was revolutionized is nothing compared to the wave that is coming where websites will be designing themselves. Initially, the graphic design required physical efforts to compose brochures, magazines, letterheads, posters and books. You had to cut and paste paper or do the assembling of metal type by use of a print press. Currently, graphic design on the verge of revolution as machine learning and artificial intelligence are taking graphic design to a turning point.  Your next content, imagery and line of business are going to be evaluated by software and you do not need to lift a single finger!

4. Why the founders of the French sneaker brand had to spend 2 years doing research on faux leather

The French brand sneakers really look amazing with the Stan Smiths that look like they are elevated making their style so appealing. The major goal of the company is sustainability and hence they tend to use cotton and the rubber which is traced back to the Brazilian farmers. The use of leather left the founders unsettled and unsatisfied since it was not that sustainable and so they had to search for an alternative but they never found any.

The vegan leather is used often for shoes and the apparel is virgin plastic with microfibers which are suede-like having a base made of petroleum and this is not eco-friendly. The founders finally decided to make a base material made of open-weave material. Although the use of canvas was expensive, it gave a natural texture and it is also sustainable.

There are several interesting kinds of stuff in relation to design news and it highlights remarkable content from across the globe and this is a great way of sharing ideas and all you need to do is just search the web for various design news and you will be hooked.